Richat Structure (Guelb er Richât), Northwest Africa

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Richat Structure (Guelb er Richât) 3D Model, Northwest Africa

This is a high-resolution, detailed, and accurate 3D model of the Richat Structure (Guelb er Richât), Northwest Africa. This geological oddity in Mauritania has some people claiming it is an impact crater, while others theorize that it is a dome or diapir that was uplifted from underground. The enigmatic desert structure is surrounded by barren sand dunes and miles of flat rock surfaces, with the occasional vista of nearby mountains breaking up the monotony.

This 3D model is available for all video game developers, application developers, scientific visualization developers, visual effects studios, and anyone else who could benefit from having a high-quality geodetic 3D model of an interesting natural feature. 

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Map Type: 3D Model
Coordinate Reference System: None
Dimension: Medium
Document Type: .fbx
File Size: 4.31 MB
Resolution:  Not Applicable
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